What is NVC?

NVC is a project that supports the team who creates voice recognition technology.  It helps the team to gather data on how they can be able to improve technology further.

What is Truth Transcription for Voice Recognition?

Truth Transcription is the verbatim text of what was dictated in the audio files; it includes pauses, along with non-speech noises audible in audio file.

What is the use of Transcription for Voice Recognition?

Truth transcriptions are used to evaluate and improve products that use speech recognition software.  They must provide enough detail about the dictation so that researchers and developers can process a large number of reports in a largely automated way, without needing to listen to individual speech recordings.

What are the languages we support?

Scopeworks is supporting US English, Australian English and Great Britain English languages. To ensure 100% productivity and quality, all agents are multi-skilled.

We have customer service catering to consumers through voice calls, emails and ticketing.

PhoneTag is a transcription company that converts your voicemails into text. A transcription will be delivered to the customer once that voicemail has been processed. The customer can choose where he wants to receive the transcription; email or short message service (SMS).

Customer will have the convenience of reading voicemails on his email in a form of text. Voicemail functionality is still retained so customer can still listen to voicemails or have the option to store it for later use. PhoneTag works with all Major U.S. carriers and networks in the United States.

Mobility is a program that supports consumer’s billing and technical concerns  of mobile applications through chat and ticketing.