What is PhoneTag?

It’s a voice-to-text service that uses advance technology that converts

voicemails in to a readable format either via email and/or SMS.

It works with different mobile phone like, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and/or your email account.


It is integrated with over 95% of Mobile, Home, and Work voicemail systems.

Including all Major U.S. carriers and networks including: AT&T, Alltel, Cincinnati

Bell, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin and more.


What is Nuance Mobility?

Nuance’s patented mobile applications allow people to access information, create messages, and control mobile devices all with the power of voice and advanced text input.

These are intelligent mobile applications which allows people to access information, create messages, and control mobile devices all with the power of voice and advanced text input. It is designed with great features so you can use your device in a smarter, easier way – with a simple word or touch such as:

  • Auto-detect Driver Mode.
  • Voice Notifications that read aloud Facebook updates.
  • Continuous touch text input that eliminates the need to “hunt and peck” on a touchscreen.

Services Provided by ScopeWorks


ScopeWorks provide customer support to US-based PhoneTag users through inbound/outbound calls, chat platform and ticketing service.

  • General Inquiry
  • Product Inquiry
  • Service Extension / Plans
  • Technical Issue
  • Billing Issue
  • Customer Account Access

For more details, go to www.phonetag.com


ScopeWorks provide customer support to all Nuance Mobile Apps users and developers all around the world via a ticketing system using English language only as medium of support.


We support products like Swype, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Dragon Dictation, Nuance Developer and many more under different mobile operating system like iOS and Andriod.


We handle general product inquires, technical issues, billing and refund and updates.


For more details, go to http://www.nuance.com/for-individuals/mobile-applications/index.htm

We integrate our services with the following